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Cold-start emissions are produced by all internal combustion engines at start up. Vehicles today emit the majority of pollution during the first five minutes of engine operation before the emissions system has warmed up sufficiently to be effective.

Light vehicle OEM’s face significant challenges meeting global regulations as fuel economy and emissions standards tighten by 45% from 2016 – 2025.

ATES has developed a Smart Induction Catalyst (SI-CAT) that uses intelligent induction technology and the vehicle electronic control systems to actively manage the temperature of the ceramic catalyst substrate during all driving conditions.


Advanced Technology Emission Solutions (ATES) has developed a growing portfolio of patent-pending technology aimed at reducing overall emissions produced by all Internal Combustion Engines (ICE).

The ATES business model is focused on licensing the use of our Smart Induction Catalyst (SI-CAT) technology to industry stakeholders in need of emission reducing solutions.

The Product

SI-CAT : Smart Induction Catalyst

The Smart Induction Catalyst (SI-CAT) is a heating technology which enables rapid and efficient active thermal management of the ceramic in catalytic converters. This ensures optimal performance of the catalyst during real world driving conditions, particularly during cold starts, as heat is what activates the chemical reaction inside sophisticated emissions systems. The problem is amplified in congested urban environments where traffic moves slowly and emission systems cool down.


Test results show reductions in overall emissions of 40% during automotive-standard FTP75 testing. The design works with all internal combustion engines.


ATES’s solution incorporates efficient manufacturing processes that can be readily scaled by Tier 1 suppliers. The technology works with all internal combustion engines and works on ceramic substrates up to 900 cells per square inch.

High Value

Low cost, low complexity and low risk, SI-CAT is a compelling, high value solution for a market facing new, stringent regulations.


Emissions Breakthrough

As recently published in the Toronto Star, the next big thing in automotive emissions technology is ATES Inc with their SI-Cat. Three local men are changing the conversation. Read the articles here to get the full picture on this innovative new technology that could prove ground breaking for the auto industry.

Canadian trio’s exhaust emissions breakthrough could be a game-changer.

Read about what Hamilton Team, ATES Inc has been up to in The Toronto Star:

Toronto Star Article - October 2015

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